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Event: Spring 2024

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Optimizing Compact Model of Nanosheet FET (NSFET) for Analog/Digital IC Design Po-Heng Ho Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Exploring Channel Characteristics: A Comprehensive Study and Dataset Collection in Wireless Communications Ruben Aguilera Data FURI
Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation and State of Health Evaluation for Second-Life Applications Alexandra McWatters Energy FURI
TCAD Simulation of Diamond Static Induction Transistors for Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers David McComas Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning through Neural Networks Harmitkumar Desai Data FURI
Additive Manufacturing of Polymer-based Lithium Salt Electrolyte with Enhanced Physical Properties towards High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries Lakshmi Jayant Energy MORE
Design of Testbed for Testing of Screw-Propelled Vehicles in Granular Media and at Reduced Gravity Prince Singh Data MORE
Enhanced Production of Organic Materials Under Light-Limited Conditions Through CRISPR Engineering of Cyanobacterial Hydrogenase Zulema Guzman Sustainability FURI
Adsorption Enhancement of Atmospheric Moisture Capture Using 3D-Printed TPMS Geometry Shubham Shrivastava Sustainability MORE
Delivery of Alpha Ketoglutarate from Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Bone Repair Applications Emily Mahadevan Health FURI
Optimizing Camera Locations for Efficient Human Motion Analysis Thinh Tran Data FURI
Deconvolution of the Mechanical Effects in Atomic Force Microscopy Material Characterization of Living Cells Isaac Coello Dantus Data FURI
Investigating Barrier Properties of Laminate Packaging Materials for Flexible Batteries Benito Rincon Ramirez Energy FURI
Effects of High Temperature Annealing on Tungsten-doped VO2 Phase Transition Temperature Abigail Rothert Sustainability FURI
Dexterous Manipulation: Differential Sensitivity of Manipulation and Grasp Forces to Task Requirements William Noll Health FURI
Validating CancerSim2: A Comparative Study of Adaptive Therapy in Mice Experiments Walker Mellon Health MORE
Using Two Mode Squeezing to Enhance Quadrature Quantum Sensing Rodrigo Estrada Torrejon Energy FURI
Eco-friendly Dust Mitigation with Bio-polymer from Pine Resin in Mining and Construction Projects Rashid Alwashahi Sustainability FURI
Finite Element Analysis of Atomic Force Microscopy Measurement of Heterogeneous Nodules Suspended in a Membrane with Application in the Semiconductor, Health, and Security Industries Tyler Norkus Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
DIW 3D Printing of Magnetic Self-Healing Hydrogels Timothy Ong Energy FURI
Functionalized PDMS for Membrane Separations of VOCs from Water Bryce Askew Sustainability GCSP research stipend
NRG1 Delivery via Sulfated-Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Microgels as a Neuroprotective Agent to Oxygen-Glucose Deprived (OGD) Neuronal Cells Alexis Williams Health FURI
Understanding the Root Causes for catELMo’s Superior Performance Embedding T-Cell Receptors With Respect to the Downstream TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Task Ryan Connolly-Kelley Health FURI
An Investigation of the Effect of Storage Temperature on Secondary Battery Shelf Life through Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Byung Gik Park Energy FURI
Lithium-ion Battery Degradation Machine Learning Model Nithin Jakrebet Data FURI
Sensor Fusion System for Improving Motion Amount Quantification within Computer-Vision-Enabled Worker Analysis Ethan Chang Data FURI
Towards Automated Selection of Embedding Models: Identifying the Optimal Parameters for the Baseline Model for TCR Embedding Uttam Kumar Health MORE
Immersive Learning Architectures: Template-Driven VR Education Neha Balamurugan Data GCSP research stipend
Development of a Modular Actuator for Hip and Ankle Joint Suhrud Parag Joglekar Health MORE
Development of a Pendulum-Based Optical-Pickup Force Measurement Device for a Micronewton Thruster Riley Hengel Energy FURI
Leveraging the Power of Ligninolytic Enzymes to Valorize Lignin to Polyvinyl Phenol Haley McKeown Sustainability MORE
Non-Metallic Bio Polymer Composite Design and Selection for Replacement of Rigid Non-Degradable Orthopedic BioWare Sri Manaswini Palaparthi Health MORE
Developing an Antibody Language Model for Generating Missing Amino Acid Residues to Complete Partial BCR Sequences Sonal Prabhu Health MORE
Geometric Deep Learning and Anatomical Landmarking for Improved Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Naina Misra Health FURI
Solvent Vapor Anneal of Perovskite Films Fabricated by Electrical Field Direct Ink Deposition Technique Raveena Phadnis Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Next-Gen Immunotherapies: Harnessing Evolutionary Diffusion Models for Enhanced TCR-Epitope Sequence Generation Benjamin Hanson Health FURI
Remote Control of an Off-Road Automated vehicle over a 5G Network for Agriculture Applications Rohit Menon Security MORE
Structural Characterization of Aged Perovskite Films Eduardo Beltran Energy FURI
Enhancing Human Activity Recognition through 3D Modeling and Deep Learning: Advancement of Wearable Robotics through Time-series and Video Data Analysis Aishani Pathak Data GCSP research stipend
SwerveStopper: Kinematic Anomaly Detection Street Camera Jenna Lee Data FURI
Closed-Loop Control for Variable Inductor System at High Frequencies Daniel Graves Energy FURI
Characterizing the binding efficiency of NR5A1’s G35E ZF mutation in a synthetic system Ethan Elam Health FURI
Covalent Organic Framework-Based Aerogel Composites for Passive Atmospheric Water Harvesting Brian Ridenour Sustainability MORE
Determining Transcription Factor LuxR Function In Mammalian Cells Louis Moon Health FURI
Gas Permeation and Separation Studies of COF Based MMMs Dhruv Tomar Energy FURI
Finite-element Thermomechanical Characterization of Thin Film Perovskites for Solar Energy Applications David Machbitz Energy FURI
Canonicalizing Amoebot Leader Election Algorithms Ethan Joerz Data FURI
Understanding Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases using a Contrastive Learning Approach on MRSI Data Narendiran Raghu Data FURI
Accelerating the Engineering of Cyanobacteria via recJ Knockout for D-lactate Production Fatima Eldessouki Sustainability FURI
Development of Biomimetic Nanoparticles for Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Hanan Alarnous Health MORE
Design and Construction of a Wayfinding Method for the Completely Hackable Amateur Radio Telescope Ritwik Sharma Education GCSP research stipend
Finite Element Modeling to Optimize Degradation Properties on Polymeric Materials Timothy Chase Sustainability FURI
Characterization of Silk Fibroin Electrospun NanoScaffolding Jacob Cagan Health FURI
High Throughput Computational Search For Efficient Thermochemical Energy MOx Materials For Hydrogen Production Matthew Park Energy FURI
Developing a Theoretical Understanding of Water-Network Formation On The Surface of Metal Oxides Tomoki Inoue Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Hardware-Net Hussain Bhavnagarwala Data MORE
Optimizing Cell Culture Methods for Acetylcholinesterase Production Joseph Colarusso Health FURI
Nanomechanical Characterization and Evaluation of Silk Fibroin Electrospun Scaffolds for Regenerative-Engineered Orthopedic Products Srikar Samavedam Health FURI
Robot Learning with Adverbial Corrections Naga Suresh Krishna Kondepudi Health MORE
Verification Code Generation in the Hardware Description Language Verilog Alma Babbitt Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Microfiltration Polysulfone Membranes for Polar Product Recovery Kelly Nguyen Sustainability FURI
Engineering a Microbial Chimera for Biosynthesis of Green Solvents Jackson Comes Sustainability MORE
Optimizing Storage Caching for Zoned Namespace Solid State Drives Lillian Seebold Data FURI
Simultaneous Production of D-Lactic Acid and Ethylene by Engineered Cyanobacteria Tegun Young Sustainability FURI
Mesh Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Use in Deforming Solids Simulations Tristan Rodriguez Data FURI
Utilizing Substrate Specific Polyol Phosphatases for Enhanced Photosynthetic Sorbitol Production in Cyanobacteria Pranav Bhavaraju Sustainability FURI
Measuring Material Diffusion And Performance Changes in Semiconductor Diodes Daniel Abreu Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Photoelectrocatalytic Nitrate Reduction Using Nano-enabled Titanium Oxide Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles Noah Butzine Sustainability FURI
Investigating the Influence of Bamboo Fiber Microstructure on Mechanical Response David Greene Sustainability FURI
Performance Evaluation of TPUs and FPGAs for Deep Neural Network Inference Deepak Kumar Athur Energy MORE
The Utility and Impact of Sericin as a Novel Biomaterial for Use in Wound Healing Aditi Rao Health FURI
Scalable Synthesis of Zeolite for Use as Separators in High Performance Lithium Ion and Metal Batteries Nicholas Read Energy FURI
Engineering C. glutamicum to Improve b-ketoadipate Pathway Productivity Tyler Okane Sustainability FURI
The Viability of Generative AI in Data Analytics and Summarization Parsa Fares Education FURI
Machine Learning on Embedded Systems to Assess Correct Form During Weight Training Devesh Nath Health FURI
Development of a Novel Multimetal 3D Printer via Mask Image Projection Based Vat Photopolymerization John Walling Sustainability FURI
Integrated Machine Learning Approaches for Advanced Analysis of Semiconductor Materials Aishwarya Katkar Semiconductor Manufacturing MORE
Investigating the Effects of Oxygen Availability on Neurodevelopment in Organoid Models Fabiha Firoz Health MORE
Maximize Solar Power Using Solar Cell Reconfiguration Circuits Patrick Shea Energy FURI
Estimating Joint Parameters and Manipulation Order of Multi-DoF Objects for Robot Manipulation Anmol Gupta Data MORE
Vat Photopolymerization of Resin/Liquid Crystal Based Polarizers with Enhanced Anisotropic Property for Optical Steganography Ana Girish Security FURI
Analyzing the Morphological Shifts of Breast Cancer Cells under Varying Stromal Conditions Using a Microfluidic Technology Cristian Zamora Health FURI
Simulation of MoNbTaW Refractory High Entropy Alloy (RHEA) Optimization for High Temperature and Strength Applications Jonathan McGill Energy FURI
Computer-Vision-Enabled Video Analysis for Motion Amount Quantification Neel Macwan Data MORE
Regulating Surface Synergistic Layers of Layered Cathodes Through Low-Temperature Pyrolysis Matthew Jacobs Energy FURI
Media Optimization to Improve Photosynthetic Sorbitol Production Luis Taquillo Sustainability FURI
Data Set Design, Generation, and Analysis for Deep MIMO and DeepSense 6G with Machine Learning Jayashree Adivarahan Data FURI
Exploring Single-Atom Catalysts for the Electrochemical Conversion of Nitrate to Ammonia with DFT and Machine Learning Laura Marrlett Sustainability FURI
Hafnium Contacts for n-type Conducting Nanocrystalline Diamond Carson Gockley Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Enhancing Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis for Neurodegenerative Disease Research Akshata Jedhe Health MORE
Integrating Machine Learning With a Cancer-On-A-Chip Model to Characterize the Morphological Response of SUM159 Cells to Infiltrative Stromal Cells Ethan Hurt Health FURI
Swelling Studies of PEG/PPG-Polyurethane Polymers for Medical Applications Isabella Matakas Health FURI
Bio Stimulation of Fungi-Mycelium Create a Natural Geotextile Capable of Mitigating Post-Wildfire Soil Erosion Henry Nakaana Sustainability FURI
Identifying Defects in Perovskite Using Machine Vision Sanskar Srivastava Energy FURI
Developing Self-Healing Polymeric Nanocomposites through Nanoparticle-based Bonds Soham Sanghvi Sustainability MORE
Computational Design of Disordered Optical Metamaterials Beyond the Quasistatic Regime Ethan Farabee Security FURI
Asynchronous Concurrency in Anonymous Dynamic Networks Peter Vargas Data FURI
2-Dimensional Perovskite Photovoltaics Produced with Organic Additives Berrak Gokce Sustainability GCSP research stipend
Vehicle Tracking Pipeline for an Intelligent Parking System Pranav Rajesh Data MORE
Understanding Effect of Ion Migration Through Correlating Chemical and Ionic Properties in Halide Perovskites Sajia Afrin Energy MORE
Producing Printable LiPON Based Solid-State Electrolyte Thin Film Using Open-Air Processing Daniel Hur Sustainability FURI
Thermal Management for 3D Heterogenous Integration of Semiconductor Packaging Rohit Gandhi Semiconductor Manufacturing MORE
Advancing Drug Delivery Systems: Building a Model for Thin Film Double-Layer Polyurethanes Tina Ton Health FURI
Perception of Intelligent Parking System Dheeraj Kallakuri Sustainability MORE
Processing and Laser Scribing Flexible Perovskite Solar Modules for Lunar Application Grace Salazar Energy FURI
Characterization of Battery Stability Through Impedance Characterization for Sodium Ion Batteries Patricio Solana Bustamante Energy FURI
Developing More Stable and Efficient FAPbI3-based Perovskites Benjamin Tung Energy FURI
Unified Frenet Frame Motion Planning Based Framework for Social Navigation Karthick Subramanian Data MORE
Nano Contrast Agents in Photoacoustic Imaging: In Vitro and Ex Vivo Insights Era Joy Agus Health GCSP research stipend
Processing and Characterizing Flexible Perovskite Solar Modules for Lunar Applications Adam Westmoreland Energy FURI
Advancing the Semiconductor Industry through the Development of a Miniaturized Reinforced Mixed-Mode Bending Apparatus (MRMMB) with Out-Of-Plane Shear Mode Consideration, Initially Invented at Arizona State University William Boutin Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Using Machine Learning on Naturalistic Driving Data to Predict Mild Cognitive Impairment Anushka Limaye Health GCSP research stipend
Nontoxic Material Design Using Tin-based Perovskites for Sustainable Energy Production Clara Azevedo , Sustainability FURI
Unraveling Speech Processing in Humans: Insights from Neural Signals Tushar Tyagi Data GCSP research stipend
Optimization of Heat Transfer Through Cadmium Selenide Semiconducting Nanoparticle Structure Using Finite Element Modeling Ryan Connolly Sustainability FURI
Effects of Parkinson’s Disease and a Secondary Cognitive Task on Postural Sway and Reactive Balance Mugdhasrija Desai Health FURI
The Incorporation of Electric Vehicle Chargers with Photovoltaic Systems through Load Management Dustin Nguyen Sustainability FURI
Power Disaggregation for Enhanced Energy Efficiency Praveen Raj Mohanraj Energy MORE
Utilizing Magnetic Nanoparticles to Advance MRI-based Hyperthermia Abilities Bryan Rangel Valle Health FURI
Understanding Chiral Material Systems by Synthesizing and Characterizing Vibrational Properties of Single-Crystal InSeI Lucas Hardesty Semiconductor Manufacturing FURI
Patient-Adaptive Robotic Balance Training for Lower-Extremity Stroke Rehabilitation Ellory Oleen Health FURI