FURI | Spring 2024

Advancing the Semiconductor Industry through the Development of a Miniaturized Reinforced Mixed-Mode Bending Apparatus (MRMMB) with Out-Of-Plane Shear Mode Consideration, Initially Invented at Arizona State University

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Mixed modes I/II/III is an important topic in fracture mechanics. Presently, there are several approaches to characterize materials under pure modes I, II, and III. In contrast, a few apparatuses can characterize mixed modes I, II, and III simultaneously. Recently, the Mixed-Mode Bending (MMB) fixture was modified by ASU researchers to the Reinforced Mixed-Mode Bending (RMMB) apparatus to enhance the accuracy of crack energy measurements for mixed modes I and II. Now, the researcher proposes a complementary study to develop the MRMMB fixture for the miniaturized characterization of mixed modes I/II/III to fill the knowledge gaps in fracture mechanics.

Student researcher

William Boutin

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Merritt Island, Florida, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2024