FURI | Spring 2024

Understanding Chiral Material Systems by Synthesizing and Characterizing Vibrational Properties of Single-Crystal InSeI

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InSeI forms naturally in a chiral structure, and along with the structure brings interesting properties, such as chiral spin selectivity, which may prove beneficial in semiconductor material selection. Growth using the Bridgman technique showed centimeter-sized crystals produced, along with high crystallinity. Furthermore, electron microscopy revealed structural characteristics and established a bandgap of 2.08eV in highly crystallized regions. Raman spectroscopy was then used to determine vibrational properties in 5 regions relating to the composition. Results indicate a reasonable method to grow high-quality chiral materials, which allows a path toward further research for chiral material systems.

Student researcher

Lucas Anton Hardesty

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2027