MORE | Spring 2024

Validating CancerSim2: A Comparative Study of Adaptive Therapy in Mice Experiments

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This study focuses on validating CancerSim2, a three-dimensional, agent-based simulation model for cancer growth, through comparison with clinical trials of adaptive therapies. Unlike traditional methods that aim to eliminate cancer entirely, adaptive therapy seeks to control the disease. In her work, Dr. Sareh Seyedi conducted more than 50 experiments on mice, exploring various adaptive and non-adaptive therapy strategies for each individual subject. The next step involves enhancing CancerSim2 by incorporating features that allow researchers to mimic these real-world experiments more closely, which includes the introduction of functionalities to adjust drug dosages at specific times and to measure tumor burden. Subsequently, the outcomes of the simulation will be statistically analyzed and compared with the results from the experiments conducted on mice.

Student researcher

Walker Jones Mellon

Data science, analytics and engineering, not-listed

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2024