MORE | Spring 2024

Remote Control of an Off-Road Automated vehicle over a 5G Network for Agriculture Applications

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This project harnesses the power of 5G technology to control an off-road Jeep Grand Cherokee remotely, offering the precision and robustness of being directly behind the wheel, even from miles away. By integrating the vehicle’s systems with cutting-edge hardware and software, including a camera and a joystick, the researcher achieves unparalleled safety and efficiency in challenging terrains. This breakthrough demonstrates the potential for remote exploration, emergency response, and autonomous missions, opening new possibilities for vehicle operation. Future efforts will focus on improving 5G reliability in diverse environments and expanding this technology to a broader range of vehicles and scenarios, promising exciting advancements in remote vehicle control.


Student researcher

Rohit Menon

Robotics and autonomous systems

Hometown: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Graduation date: Spring 2024