FURI | Spring 2024

Using Two Mode Squeezing to Enhance Quadrature Quantum Sensing

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The question that this project seeks to address is: How can using two-mode squeezed entangled photons help enhance the quantum detection of quadratures of an arbitrary state? Squeezed states enable the reduction of a quantum state quadrature uncertainty below that of the minimal uncertainty state. This property is utilized at LIGO, where single-mode squeezing was proven to enhance sensitivity in the phase shift, improving the detection of gravitational waves. This project focuses on the theoretical procedure using a homodyne detection setup to analyze if the squeezing properties of the entangled photons can be transferred to an arbitrary state, and enhance either its sensitivity to amplitude or phase changes by varying the squeezing parameter.

Student researcher

Rodrigo Estrada Torrejon

Electrical engineering

Hometown: Santiago de Chile, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Graduation date: Spring 2025