Dheeraj Kallakuri

Robotics and autonomous systems

Hometown: Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Graduation date: Spring 2024

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MORE | Spring 2024

Perception of Intelligent Parking System

The transportation landscape in the United States heavily relies on private vehicles, with the majority of daily trips being undertaken in personal cars. Parking lots, essential components of urban infrastructure, witness a significant number of accidents and challenges, leading to loss of lives, injuries, and financial burdens. This paper synthesizes statistics from various sources, highlighting the prevalence and impact of parking lot accidents, as well as the inefficiencies in finding parking spaces. A proposed intelligent parking system offers a scalable and flexible approach to enhance parking lot operations. By leveraging technology such as cameras and algorithms, the system aims to accurately detect available parking spots and optimize parking space utilization. The paper explores the future scope of the intelligent parking system, envisioning its potential applications beyond parking management. By adapting algorithms for specific use cases such as public surveillance and theft detection, the system can contribute to enhancing safety and security in urban environments.


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