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Event: Fall 2018

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
X-ray topography method for solar cell deflection, cracking and stress measurements David Anchondo Energy GCSP research stipend
Understanding the impact of breast cancer cells/ fibroblasts co-culture on inducing M2 macrophages in a 3D in vitro model. Mayar Allam Health KEEN Awardee
Variable Damping Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint to Improve Trade-off between Performance and Stability James Arnold Health FURI
Toward Understanding and the Development of a Thermoelectric Generator Jarom Beus Energy FURI
Twitter Bot Detection Software for Disaster Relief Applications Matthew Davis Security FURI
Verification and Validation of Automated Vehicles Uilani Forgione Security FURI
Using 1H MRI Reporter S-Gal® to Study Senescent and Quiescent Cells In Vitro Tanner Ivey Health FURI
Voluntary Response Mechanics of the Human Ankle Cory Jernigan Health FURI
Ultrasound Cleavable Polymers for Reversible Vascular Embolization Karolena Lein Health FURI
Wireless Wearable Blood Flow Sensor Rachel Rhoades Health FURI
Waste Plastic-based and Biomimetic Multifunctional Coatings Rushik Tank Sustainability MORE
WiFi for accurate multi robot mapping and localization. Paul Vohs Security FURI
Startling Speech: Eliciting Prepared Speech Using Startling Auditory Stimulus in Stroke Survivors Miguel Almanza Lopez Health FURI
Studying Osteogenesis and Mineralization within Hyperglycemic In Vitro Cell Culture Models Andrew D'Arcangelis Health MORE
The Effect of Visual Anticipation of Changes in Floor Compliance in Human Gait Michael Drolet Health FURI
Test-Bed Development for Multi-robot systems Kartik Gupta Education FURI
The self-assembly of metal-organic supra-molecules Matthew Hart Sustainability FURI
The Large Scale Expansion and Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem-Cell Derived Neural Progenitor Cells Tanner Henson Health FURI
Thermal Analysis of a Thermogalvanic Brick Ryan Kiracofe Energy FURI
SRP Polytechnic Solar Utilization James Larson Energy MORE
Tear-drop Pimples Added to NACA 0012 Airfoil for Drag Reduction Brad Laughlin Sustainability FURI
The effect of corner radius on the mechanical behavior of additively manufactured honeycomb structures Bharath Santhanam Sustainability MORE
The mathematical modeling of the dynamic migration of MDA-MB-231 cells within co-culture as well as in the presence of antifibrotic drug Tranilast and chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin utilizing a novel micro-engineered in vitro model. Casey Silva Health FURI
Smart Bike Human-in-the-Loop Control Jonathan Bush Health FURI
Soft Robotic Foot Orthosis Jack Gavin Health FURI
Simple, Lumped Parameter Model to Simulate Blood Flow Through Bifurcations in the Human Cardiovascular System Nicolas Gomez Health FURI
S.H.E.I.L.D. Particulate Coatings Angelica Guzman Energy FURI
Solar Drying with an Oxide Material to Achieve Food Preservation of Crop Production Alisha Harris Sustainability FURI
Society of Women Engineers at ASU attends WE18, the national SWE Conference Arminta Jordan Education KEEN Awardee
Solar Energy prediction Gyoungjae Kim Energy FURI
Service Learning and Retention in Undergraduate Engineering Caroline Kireopoulos Education GCSP research stipend
Simulating Walking on Surfaces of Different Compliance using the ASU Variable Stiffness Treadmill Lynsey Lehmann Health FURI
Robust Consensus in Multi Robot Systems Using Wireless Signals Thomas Wheeler Security FURI
Redesign of the Mixed-Mode Fracture Fixture for Safer Damage Tolerant Structures Israa Abdelaziz Security FURI
Progerin-Induced Aging to Develop a Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Carlye Frisch Health FURI
Piloerection Sensor: Insight into Autonomic Function Angela Hemesath , Health KEEN Awardee
Risk Assessment and Terrestrial Plant Toxicity of Remediated Heavy Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Brielle Januszewski Sustainability FURI
Preliminary Steps to a Micropipette-based Automated Patch Clamping System Connor Phillips Health FURI
Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethene(TCE) Sustained by Microbial Chain Elongation Aide Robles Sustainability MORE
Precision Following of a Ground Vehicle by a Fully Instrumented Quadcopter Tanner Rosenthal Security FURI
Production of Polycatechols using CotA laccase in engineered E.coli strains Adityaa Sakthi Sustainability FURI
Quantifying the Impact of RDE Testing for the State of Arizona Gabriella Schweska Sustainability None of the above
Rendering of Patterns on Social Mirror for Individuals who are Blind Diep Tran Health FURI
No’a: A Neural Network approach to automated exploitation Zion Basque Security FURI
Photooxidation of Ethanol to Carbon Dioxide through TiO2 coated cement Emil Benov Sustainability FURI
Photoacoustic Flowmetry Matthew Chrest Health FURI
Optimizing recombinant protein production for domain antibodies: proof-of-concept Glenna Embrador Health FURI
Organized Multi-Robot Movement with Application to Autonomous Cars Joel Goodin Security FURI
Opening Chromatin and Improving CRISPR/Cas9 editing with Engineered Pioneer Factors Syeda Hamna Health MORE
Oil Shale Imbibition Victoria Lanz Sustainability None of the above
Optimizing and Evaluating Real-time Illumination Estimation for Mixed Reality Paul Nathan , Energy FURI
Optical Characterization of Band Diagram Properties of Germanium-Chalcogenide and Silver Doped Thin-Films Amberly Ricks , Energy FURI
Pattern Extrapolation of Integer Sequences using Novel Machine Learning Techniques Lucas Saldyt Education FURI
Morphological Engineering and Analysis of Telluride Nanoreinforcements Michael Durso Security FURI
Modification of Quorum Sensing Regulatory Systems in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Ava Karanjia Health GCSP research stipend
Machine Learning Models for Accelerating Discovery and Design of Energy-Related Materials Pedro Martin Energy FURI
Monolithic silicon module manufacturing Sujyot Mony Energy MORE
Metabolically Engineering D-Lactate from Corynebacterium Glutamicum Ben Nauroth Sustainability FURI
Mechanical Characterization of Porous Geological Materials Collin Overall , FURI
Melon Preservation with Solar Drying Technology in Rural Panama Ashley Raimondi Sustainability FURI
Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Landscape Connectivity and Compactness in Conservation Planning Shreyas Ravishankar Sustainability MORE
Nanoscale Material Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composites Under Hygrothermal Conditions Anita Totillo Sustainability FURI
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Measurements between Two Parallel Flat Surfaces with LabVIEW Controlled Tip-Tilt Platform Nathanael Zuniga Energy FURI
Lateral Control of Underwater Robot Alia Gilbert Sustainability FURI
Interest & Proficiency in Engineering Among Elementary Friend Groups Kendalyn Grant Education FURI
Iterative Strength Training with Generative Adversarial Neural Networks Niharika Jain Security FURI
Letting Robots Glide Instead of Falling Guston Lighthouse Education FURI
IoT and Robotics in Pet Care Raghav Madan Health FURI
Investigating Cancer Cell Death and Cell-Signaling Pathways using HSP90 Inhibition and APE1 Inhibition Alexander Maltagliati Health MORE
Investigation of the Rheological Behavior of Sustainable Alternative Cementitious Binders Sakol Sea Sustainability FURI
Investigating the Practicality of Reusable First Stage Rockets Fara Shippee Sustainability FURI
Lightweight Electric Motorcycle James Tobin Sustainability KEEN Awardee
Hydrogel polymers: An experimental study for forward osmosis desalination Adnan Abdullahi Sustainability MORE
Inducing Structural Stability by use of Dampeners on Structural Systems affected by Earthquakes Aidan Bjelland , Sustainability FURI
How to Make Nanoparticles in a More Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective Way Allan Buyinza Sustainability FURI
Intelligent Navigation Strategies for Robotic Campus Guide Zakk Giacometti Education FURI
Haptic Testbed Connor Giam Education FURI
Improving Liquid Propulsion Testing Reliability and Safety James Hansen Education GCSP research stipend
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Micro-algae to Produce Liquid Biofuels Tessa Murdock Energy FURI
Ground Robot with an Arm to Perform Simple Grasp-and-Place Tasks Juan Ortiz Rivas Education FURI
How an Octopus Arm Can Outperform a Surgeon Sheldon Cummings Health FURI
Inducible GFP Expression in Engineered Quorum Sensing Systems Christina Smith Health FURI
Factors Affecting STEM Competency in K-5 Children Ambike Bhraguvanshi Education FURI
Fully-actuated self-driving car Sam Deadrick Sustainability FURI
Failure Analysis of Electrically Conductive Adhesive Interconnects in Photovoltaic Modules Justin Huxel Energy FURI
Gender Bias and Desired Career Path Correlation for K-5th Students Elizabeth Jones Education GCSP research stipend
Extreme Fast Charging-Capable EV Modeling Yau-Fung Lam Energy FURI
Experimental Study of Solar Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion Enhanced with Selective Metafilm Coatings Ryan McBurney Energy FURI
Finding the optimum cathode size that gives maximum volume of hydrogen peroxide in the Microbial Peroxide Producing Cells. Lincoln Mtemeri Sustainability FURI
From design to reality of Concrete 3D Printing Noah Rudko Sustainability FURI
Fulton Engineering Freshman Retention Improvemnt John Shippy Education FURI
Generation of an Inducible CRISPR/dCas9-KRAB System to Modulate Gene Expression Esther Sim Health FURI
Experimental Study to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Ultra-High Performance Concrete Cody Thornburg Sustainability FURI
Disaster Visualization and Tracking Using Social Media Data Jennifer Berumen Security FURI
Engineering Student Retention Analysis Jessica Bruck , Education FURI
Development of a Solar Powered Ground-Based Research Vehicle with an On-board Solar Management System Jose Contreras Energy FURI
Efficient Creation and Implementation of Perfect Hash Families Nicholas Debeurre Security FURI
Effect of Drought Policies on Los Angeles Water Demand Annika Hjelmstad Sustainability FURI
Energy Harvesting: Capacitor Design Darrell Jackson Energy FURI
Electrospinning Nanoscaffolds to Serve as Implants to Induce Tissue Regeneration in Patients Maeve Kennedy Health FURI
Engineering Bacillus Subtilis for the Direct Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Hemicellulose Matthew Kieffer Energy FURI
Developments of Low-Temperature Ionic Liquid-Molecular Solvent Electrolyte Systems for a MET Seismometer Shaun MacDonald Energy FURI
Embedded Composite Strain Sensors Heidi Pankretz Sustainability FURI
Effects of Spatially and Temporally Manipulated Bioactive Signals on hMSC Behavior on NorHA Hydrogels Amber Sogge Health FURI
Cutting Tool for Bio-Inspired Robotic Fish Sheena Benson Sustainability FURI
Design of Motion Control Algorithms for Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Submersible Research Fleet Corey Kurowski Education FURI
Developing Smart Appliances Projects for Digital Logic Design Luke Martin Education FURI
Design And Mechanical Analysis Of Thermogalvanic Brick Benjamin Obeng , Energy MORE
Control System for Airfoil Flow Manipulation Devices. Dylan Ottney Sustainability FURI
Cryptocurrency Mixer Analysis Jaswant Pakki Security FURI
Crop Analysis Through Photos Michael Reynolds Sustainability FURI
Creating and Scripting an Expressive Robotic Face Capable of Indicating Levels of Confidence Dante Roush Education FURI
Crowd-Sourced Service Utilizing Device Network to Facilitate Emergency Intervention Brendan Scobie Security FURI
Development of a guide robot to assist the blind with mobility and environmental awareness. Bhavica Soni Health FURI
Design of a Portable Pneumatic System for Wearable Healthcare Assistive Devices Yida Tong Health FURI
Characterizing Basilisk Lizard Running On Water Clayton Brenner Security FURI
CFD Platooning Efficiency Analysis Daniel Fusaro Sustainability FURI
Characterization of Ovarian Organoid with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Emily Hanzlick Health FURI
Automatically generated aircraft wing structure Nikolay Kolesov Sustainability FURI
CFD Analysis of Changing Surface Roughness in Response to Flight Conditions Spencer Little Sustainability FURI
Being humble, honest, and hardworking is how to land your dream job. Nikki Lopez Security FURI
Control and Coordination of Multiple Intelligent Ground Robotic Vehicles Mohamed Sabet Security FURI
Battery Decay Rate and Life Cycle in Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries Christopher Vaughn Energy FURI
Classification of Multi-Agent Interaction in Biological Systems Using Machine Learning Ricardo Weir Security FURI
Composite bricks from fungus mycelium and carbon nanomaterials for sustainable multifunctional structures Cindy Wong Sustainability FURI
Comparing Protocols for Extracting, Amplifying, and Imaging ApoE ε4 Allele: Preliminary work for understanding Alzheimer’s Disease in asymptomatic individuals Drew Worman Health FURI
Automated Process Planning for Multi-material Manufacturing Cole Brauer Education FURI
Additive Manufacturing for the Validation of Biomimetic Design Principles: The Structural Mechanics of Insect Nests Derek Goss Sustainability FURI
AFM Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement Ramteja Kondakindi Energy MORE
Add-On V2V System for Modern Vehicles Trevor Lucero Energy KEEN Awardee
All in the Hips: Exoskeletal Design for Rehabilitation and Lift-Support James Lyon Health FURI
An investigation to find the most appropriate organogel serving as a lithium ion battery separator that’s compatible with stretchable electronics. Clive Matsika Energy FURI
Active Temperature Managment for Transtibial Prosthetic Sockets Andrew Nelson Health FURI
An Affordable Solution to EMG Prosthetics Luc Reboulet Health FURI
Assistive Walking Device for Gait Disorder Patients Marcus Schaller Health FURI
App Development for Intelligent Interactive Adaptive Learning Systems: Algebra Made Wonderful 2.0 Trae Waggoner Education FURI
An Interactive AR/VR Game framework for Autonomous Quadcopter Development and Pilot Training. Victor Worlanyo Security MORE
3D Printing for Spatiotemporal Control of Stem Cell Behavior Nathan Casey Health FURI
A Comprehensive Study of Sex Difference in Neuromuscular Control of the Knee Joint Subhrajyoti Chaudhuri Health MORE
A combined optical and electrical probe for electrophysiology Madeleine Howell Health FURI
A Comparative Study of DEM Simulations with Testing of a Screw-Propelled Vehicle in BP-1 Teresa McBryan Sustainability FURI
a Blood Based Diagnostic Approach for Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring of Tuberculosis Jaffalie Twaibu Health FURI
Design of E-Textile Based EMG Sensors for Locomotion Analysis Joshua Hsu Health KEEN Awardee
Sai Doddalla Security MORE
Helicon Plasma Thruster Design Optimization for CubeSat Applications Mennatallah Hussein Energy FURI
The Effects of an Optimized Learning Environment on Student Engagement and Success Mason Smith Education FURI
Functionalizing Zirconium-MOFs via Exchange of Low-Valence State Cations Sean McIntyre Energy MORE
Sustainability FURI
Creating a soft robotic knee brace can reduce pain and injury risk in laborers tasked with repetitive lifting Kyle Lewis Health FURI
Catalytically Active Tungsten Diselenide (WSe2) for Artificial Photosynthesis Pranvera Kolari Energy FURI
Maxwell Flanagan Education FURI
Students’ Motivation for Taking Human Systems Engineering (HSE) Classes Ashley Clark Education FURI
Development of a Prosthetic Foot using Dielectric Elastomer Actuators Cesar Carreto Health FURI
Diffusion of Dextran Across a Microfluidic Device Used to Model Native Myocardium Zachery Camacho Health FURI
Brian Burca Health FURI
Ab Initio Playing Pentagon Puzzles Immanuella Kankam Energy MORE
Design and development of an oxygen-sensitive coating on carbon microelectrode to quantitatively assess pO2 changes around interface using novel siloxane-based MR imaging technique Livia de Mesquita Teixeira , Health MORE
Modeling, Analysis & Decision Making for Coupled Water Systems in the Presence of Significance Uncertainty Charles Cederstrom Sustainability FURI
Side-Viewing Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging Probe Blake Browning Health FURI
Advancements in 3D Printed Concrete Emily Alcazar Sustainability FURI
The Lifecycle of Botnets on Social Media Marcus Stilwell Security FURI