Ramteja Reddy Kondakindi

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Miryalguda, Telangana, India

Graduation date: Spring 2019

Portrait of Ramteja Kondakindi
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MORE | Spring 2019

AFM Cantilever Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement

Planck’s theory of blackbody radiation imposes a limit on the maximum radiative transfer between two objects at a given temperature. The objective of the project is to measure the near field radiation between a silica microsphere and a silica substrate, compare it with the theoretical calculations. A custom-designed atomic force microscope (AFM) is being used to facilitate the measurements. The outcomes of this research aim to enhance the fundamental understandings of radiative heat transfer in the near-field which could lead to advances in microelectronics, optical data storage and thermal systems including energy conversion devices.


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