FURI | Fall 2018

Design of a Portable Pneumatic System for Wearable Healthcare Assistive Devices

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Studying dynamic behaviors of a Pneumatic Linear Actuator (PLA) is important for any pneumatic-based applications. In this project, the group designed a linear actuator that will be coupled with a DC motor to empower an existing wearable, soft-actuated, robotic knee sleeve that has the capacity to dynamically adjust the position of knee joints in real-time preventing or allaying strains. A new design of a portable prototype of PLA will be researched and a method to fabricate such devices will be explored. Achieving a minimization of PLA will expand potential market value of soft-robotics industry.

Student researcher

Photo of Tong, Yida

Yida Tong

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Xiangyang, Hubei, China

Graduation date: Spring 2018