Corey Kurowski

Electrical engineering

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona

Graduation date: Spring 2019

Portrait of Kurowski, Corey
Education icon, disabled. A purple mortarboard.

FURI | Fall 2018

Design of Motion Control Algorithms for Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Submersible Research Fleet

The aim of the conducted research was to develop and simulate model-based algorithms to demonstrate depth, directional, and speed control of an underwater submersible. With future objectives in mind, model-based algorithms for spacing control of multiple underwater vehicles were created as well. Additionally, to build off of the previous FURI work, enhancements were sought to refine image processing techniques with rapid algorithms through utilization of Kalman filtering. With these developments, the work serves as a critical step in the overarching goal: to design and build a fleet of low-cost, research grade, autonomous underwater vehicles.


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