Symposium archive

Event: Spring 2021

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Understanding Machine vs Human Generated Text in News Articles Mertay Dayanc Data FURI
Development and Validation of a Custom Soft-Body FEA Simulator for Rapid Prototyping Erick Duarte Data FURI
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Polyethylene Alexa Sanchez Sustainability FURI
A Comparison of CRISPR/Cas-Derived Genome Editing Methods for hPSCs Stone Xia Health FURI
Monitoring Upright Posture in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Foundations for a System to Provide Real-Time Feedback Sabina Minta-Jacobs Health MORE
Cell Viability of Insulin-Producing Cells After Injection Into Complex Hydrogel Shapes in Macroencapsulation Device Camryn Garza Health FURI
Understanding the Impact of the Tempo of Distractions on Cognitive Ability Gautam Sethi Data FURI
Designing Personalized Assistive Technology for Student with Cerebral Palsy Gilgal Ansah Health MORE
Using Machine Learning to Quantify Colorimetric Assays from Cell Phone Photos Rachel Fisher Health FURI
Modeling and Control of Rocket Ascent in a Vertical Plane Adin Warner Sustainability FURI
Solar Membrane Desalination Jing Wen Soh Sustainability FURI
Factors that Influence Ankle Stiffness During the Stance Phase of Walking Joshua Russell Health MORE
Simulation-Guided Preparation of 3D In Vitro Models with Predictable Oxygen Distribution Talia Hertzberg Health FURI
Alternative Promoter Usage Using Transcription Start Sites Mojca Stampar Data MORE
Evaluating How Empathy Optimizes Transparency and Trust in pHRI Qinchen Zha Data MORE
Development of a Genome Engineering Approach for the Modulation of Vascular Phenotypes Michelle Mungaray Health FURI
Prototyping of a 5G Ad-Hoc Cellular System on Hardware Kits Samantha Barr Data FURI
A Novel Approach to Perform Rank-One Updates in Machine Learning Venkata Saisrikar Gudivada Data MORE
Employing Deep Learning and GPS Outdoor Positioning for Vision-Aided mmWave Beam Prediction Tawfik Osman Data MORE
Establishing a Testing Method for Axially Continuous Graphene-Coated Copper Wire in High Power Transmission Applications Yisha Ng Energy FURI
The Impact of External Factors on Multiple-Choice Exams Robert Dodge Education FURI
Investigation of Reactive Oxidative Stress Using a Uniaxial Stretch Model to Simulate Physiological Micromotion Induced Cyclic Strain on Brain Juliet Addo Health MORE
Control and Coordination of Multi-Robot Swarm Systems Parth Khopkar Data MORE
Effect of Impurities on Shock-Induced Phase Transformations in Silica Glasses Jonathan Christen Security MORE
Schlieren Optics and Photoacoustic Imaging Development Joshua Burgett Health FURI
panCanSYGNAL Jacob Watson Health FURI
The Effectiveness of Hands-On Demonstrations on Understanding Statics Principles Jesus Pena Education FURI
Electrocorticography Array for Simultaneous Measurement of Local Field Potentials and Tissue Oxygenation Vishvak Rangarajan Health MORE
3D Printed Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accessory for Mobile Device Dean Spyres Health MORE
How Does Simulated Physiological, Cyclic Stretch Affect Oxygen Demand at Neural Interfaces? Belinda Okomeng Health MORE
Investigation of Stokes Number Effects on Particle-Laden Flows Joseph Crespo Sustainability FURI
Investigating the Effect of Silver Oxide (AgOx) Layer on the Optical and Electrical Properties of a Perovskite-Based Structure/Device Priscilla Agyemang Energy MORE
Synthesis of 2D Transition Metal Oxides Robert Loh Sustainability FURI
Auto-generation of Spatial SQL Queries Krishna Prasad Sheshadri Data FURI
Traffic Analysis with Drone Videos Wei Wang Data FURI
Modeling Mechanical Properties of Fibrous, Polymer Scaffolds as a Function of Fiber Alignment Morgan Penny Health FURI
Modulating Gait Symmetric Adaptation via Split-Belt Treadmill Distortion and Explicit Visual Feedback Distortion and Evaluating the Aftereffects of Adapted Step Length Symmetry Emily Tanner Health MORE
Mini Containers Research Project Sergio Lopez Sustainability FURI
Metabolic Engineering for Robust Natural Product Biosynthesis in C. glutamicum Jason Ronstadt Sustainability FURI
A Fluorescent Technique for Sensing Melt Transitions of Semi-Crystalline Polymer Thin Films Christina Sims Sustainability FURI
Transfecting B35 Neuroblastoma Cells with Near Infrared Protein for Photoacoustic Detection Christina Aridi Health FURI
Investigation on the Adsorption of Selenium Oxo-Anions on Hematite and Alumina Surfaces Ngan Anh Nguyen Sustainability FURI
5-DOF Simulations for Parametric Assessment of Missile Engagement Envelope Joseph de la Vara Security FURI
Photoacoustic Imaging with Schlieren Optics to Provide Real-Time Imaging Derek Smetanick Health FURI
Mixed Reality Hardware for Hands On Virtual Science Labs Brandon Evans Education FURI
Analysis of Biomolecules Using a Novel Sapphire-Supported Nanopore Gideon Kamau Data FURI
DSL Interface for Spatio-Temporal Perception Logic Specifications Jacob Anderson Security FURI
Data Offloading in 5G Wireless Networks John Heggland Data FURI
Building a Regulatory Network to Explore the Immune Landscape of Mesothelioma Margaret Cook Health FURI
Reprocessable Thermoset Photopolymers in 3D Printing Application Saleh Alfarhan Sustainability MORE
Phosphorus Accumulation in the Gilbert Riparian Preserve Aquifer Recharge Ponds Suraya Sidique Sustainability FURI
Design of a Controller for a Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Nihar Masurkar Security MORE
Neighboring Single Atoms Catalyst Acceleration of Hydrodehalogenation of Organic Pollutants — An Ab Into Study with Pt Catalyst Tracy Flores Chavez Sustainability FURI
Control of Tissue Homeostasis, Tumorigenesis, and Degeneration by Coupled Bidirectional Bistable Switches Diego Barra Avila Health MORE
Testing Method of Soft Actuator Anson Kwan Health FURI
Statistical Modeling of Drug Release from Spherical Surface-Degrading Particle Batch Priscilla Han Health FURI
Enhancing Natural Genetic Transformation in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 via Multimeric Integration Cheyanna Cooper Sustainability FURI
Analyzing the Effects of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation in a Rotary Drum Erik Miller Energy FURI
Antimicrobial Effect of Sulfidized Silver Nanoparticles After a Three-Month Operation Period in a Reverse Osmosis Module for Biofouling Control Dianne Carrillo Sustainability FURI
Autonomous Online PID Tuning Algorithm and Implementation on a Knee Exoskeleton Bill Nguyen Health FURI
RF (Radio Frequency) Micro-Coil Design for Small Animal MRI Zakarya Abdi Health FURI
Maintaining Long Term Adherence to BRIDGES Protocols Summer Gautier Health FURI
Sonication-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of B4C Nanosheets for Fabrication of a Solar Steam Generator Mark Levin Energy FURI
The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on the Startle Response Alexander Crawley Health MORE
Development of a Wearable Hybrid-PassiveAnkle-Foot Orthosis for Rehabilitative and Assistive Applications Matthew Auer Health FURI
Cost and Lead Time Reduction of Replacement Piping Using Additive Manufacturing Praveen Silori Sustainability MORE
Propagation of Interictal Spikes in Epilepsy Crispin Foli Health MORE
Expanding Gene Expression Tools in Cyanobacteria Ashley Straub Sustainability FURI
Performing Phenotypical Studies For An Adaptable Multi-Modality pH-Sensitive Nanoprobe for Real-Time Monitoring of Engineered Cells and Tissues Albert Essuman Health MORE
Adsorptive CO2 Capture from Ambient Air by Zeolites Xavier Bonelli Sustainability FURI
3D Printing of Energy-Free Liquid Transport Microchips with Bioinspired Hierarchical Structures Omar Serag Energy FURI
Additive Manufacturing of Polymeric Material with Metallic Structures via Electrically Assisted Stereolithography Bhushan Ahire Energy MORE
Assessing Technology Best Suited for Regenerative Medicine Biomanufacturing Biomonitoring Aubrey Berger Health FURI
Synthesis on 2D Quantum RTe3 and Characterization to Confirm its CDW States Yashika Attarde Energy MORE
Construction of Plasmid DNA for the Heterologous Expression of Ester Forming Enzymes Melody Cymbor Sustainability FURI
Evaluation of Algae-Derived Carbon Adsorbents for Direct CO2 Capture from Ambient Air Trevor Ciha Sustainability FURI
Detection of Irradiated Foods Packed in Plastic and Glass Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectrometry Ayinawu Abdul Malik Health FURI
Flux Balance Analysis of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for the Production of D-lactate Parker Poole Data FURI
MXene Particle Synthesis and Their Scalability Pruthviraj Vala Energy MORE
Real Time Visualization of Magnetic Field Lines for Educational Purposes Mabel Agyare Education FURI
Characterizing Nanocomposites for Customizable Cartilage Replacements Alexis Hocken Health FURI
Use of Rabbit Fecal Matter for Lignin Degradation in Wastewater Treatment Systems Smith Pittman Sustainability GCSP research stipend
Online Prediction for Vision-based Active Pursuit using a Domain Agnostic Offline Motion Model Sumedh Godbole Data MORE
Simultaneous Microscale Optical Spectroscopy and Thermoreflectance Analysis Audrey Mendez Sustainability FURI
The Use of a Virtual Cane for Improving Standing Postural Stability Vu Phan Health MORE
Study Examining Human Postural Stability with Perturbations Applied Utilizing Dual-Axis Robotic Platform Lauren Berrett Health FURI
Ambient Ozone Removal Using Cement-Based Materials Malaika Malik Sustainability FURI
Model-on-Demand (MoD) Estimation for Behavioral Intervention Optimization Rachael Kha Health FURI
Engineering High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability MORE
Electrically Assisted 3D Printing of PEDOT:PSS Film for Solar Cell Fabrication John Hutchins Energy FURI
Electrically Assisted 3D Printing of Perovskite Film for Solar Cell Fabrication Leena Jalaghi Energy FURI
Engineering Bacteria to Secrete Cellulases for Breaking Down Cellulose into Glucose Carlos Beiza Sustainability FURI
Structural Beam Based Stereolithography for Rapid Continuous Additive Manufacturing Krishna Koparde Sustainability MORE
TEM Image Simulations of Structural Dynamics on CeO2-supported Pt Catalysts Claire Block Sustainability FURI
Accurate Timing Reference Using GPS Signal and Arduino Alexander Witthus Security FURI
Determine Failure Mode and Bending Load Capacity of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Square Tubes for Design of Support Structure of Small UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Ivan Pesqueira Security FURI
Directly Relating Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT) Data to Membrane Conductivity during Neural Activity In Vitro Cole Barnett Health FURI
Implementing Bio-Inspired Frequency Detection on an FPGA Kylie Welch Security FURI
Adversarial Attacks on Autonomous Driving with Physically Realizable Patterns Prasanth Buddareddygari , Security MORE
3D Printed Jet-Based Cooling Heat Exchanger for Electronic Devices Gregory Frank Energy FURI
FPGA Powered Infrared Imaging of Hypersonic Missiles Mason Fruit Data FURI
A Systematic Study of Pooled Testing Procedures for SARS-CoV-2 David Zhou Data FURI
Pandemic Agent-Based Modeling in a Learning Environment Amy Cook Health FURI
Designing a Low-Cost and Power-Efficient DC-Biasing System for Reconfigurable Reflective Surfaces in the Terahertz Spectrum Ethan Cruz Data FURI
Lower Motor Neuron Degeneration Following Traumatic Brain Injury Jennifer Wong Health FURI
Fabrication of Oxide-Inclusions in Liquid Metal Nathan Casey Energy MORE
Size-Tunable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery after Traumatic Brain Injury Dhrasti Dalal Health GCSP research stipend
Algorithms for Maximum Power Point Tracking through Load Management Kelvin Tan Energy FURI
Using Cyanophycin Production as a Screening Method for Cyanophycin Synthetase Activity Wyatt Blackson Sustainability FURI
Metabolite-based Cancer Vaccine to Modify Immunometabolism and Prevent Melanoma Growth in Aging Mice Alison Sundem Health FURI
Weight and Moment Estimations for Small Fixed-Wing UAVs Jack Griffin Data FURI
Microneedles for Basal Cell Carcinoma Jinpyo Seo Health FURI
Vibro-Thermal Device for Socio-Emotional Communication through Pattern Generation Shubham Gharat Health MORE
Interictal Spike Depolarization in the Neocortex: Relationship to Action Potential Inactivation Lauren Lossner Health FURI
Modeling the Complexity of Sankey Diagrams Shashank Ginjpalli Data FURI
Reducing Air Pollutants and Analyzing the Products of Nitric Oxide Conversion Over Photocatalytic Cementitious Materials Mikiye Lamansky Sustainability FURI
Developing Robust Defenses for Deep Neural Networks Clinton Brown Security FURI