MORE | Spring 2021

MXene Particle Synthesis and Their Scalability

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The objective of the research is to synthesize MXene (Ti3AlC2) nanoparticles of a few microns in lateral dimension, without surface defects for microscale patterning. The in-situ HF (LiF + HCl) was used to perform chemical etching of MAX (Ti3AlC2) phase. The anisotropic deposition of MXene flakes was obtained via combining 3D printing and capillary-induced deposition techniques. The influence of nanoparticle concentrations and substrate dimensions on the thin film deposition was carefully studied experimentally and through simulation studies in ANSYS fluent. The research showed the potential to deposit flakes onto complex substrates for various microelectronics applications like sensing, battery, and supercapacitor.

Student researcher

Pruthviraj Vala

Pruthviraj Vala

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Graduation date: Spring 2021