FURI | Spring 2021

Construction of Plasmid DNA for the Heterologous Expression of Ester Forming Enzymes

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Developing a microbial system that increases the production of sustainable solvents like ethyl lactate has environmental and economic impacts. Prior bioinformatics analysis showed ATF1, ATF2 and LgATF1 to be potential genes. In silico and in vitro laboratory studies were performed to confirm their functionality in ester biosynthesis. PCR was used to amplify a small section of DNA, determined by primers, followed by restriction digestion where insert (SgATF1)  and vector (PET15b) have been cut down by NdeI and BamHI (restriction enzymes) to get compatible ends to connect to each other during ligation. To finish, heat shock bacterial transformation of these genes was performed.

Student researcher

Melody Cymbor

Chemical engineering

Hometown: Paris, Ile de France, France

Graduation date: Spring 2021