Symposium archive

Event: Summer 2020

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Creation of AD-Relevant Isogenic Lines with CasMasTREE Brycelyn Whitman Health FURI
Leveraging on Deep Learning to Predict the Optimal Beam Index Using Wireless Sensing Localization Tawfik Osman Data FURI
Making Portable and Less Expensive Fluorescence-Based Spectrometer for Monitoring the Quality of Olive Oil Joseph Tamakloe Health FURI
A Novel Use of GAN’s to Efficiently Simulate Fracture in Polymer Composites Dylan Quarenghi Data FURI
Design and Testing of 3D Printed Multimaterial Structures for Energy Absorption Daniel Anderson Health FURI
Developing an Automatic Potable Water Chlorinator in Response to Varying Water Conditions Jialin Li Sustainability FURI
Building a Portable and Less Expensive LED-Based Fluorescence Spectrometer for Evaluating the Quality of Food Frederick Anokye Sustainability FURI
Developing a Solar Powered Automatic Chlorine Sensor For Use in Developing Nations Benjamin Voller-Brown Health FURI
Study of the Interaction of Vortex Tubes with Suspended Dust Particles Abdi Awale Data FURI
Target Detection Using Algorithmic Matter Rebecca Martin Data FURI
Risk Analysis of Antibiotic Resistant Genes Transferred to Raw Vegetables via Land Application of Biosolids Grace Morgan Health FURI
Rapid Assessment of Geographic Information Systems(GIS) to Mini-Grids Mukhtar Hamzat Energy FURI
The Development of Geometries for a Passive Check Valve in Patients with Hydrocephalus Ricardo Mendoza Health FURI
Decreasing Water Usage and Increasing Income for Vietnamese Small Farmers: Modeling Plant Stress with Handheld Infrared Thermometers Katie Sue Pascavis Sustainability FURI
Learning and Sampling from the Causal Graph of Multi Categorical Distributions Via the Generative Adversarial Network Qiang Fu Data FURI
Understanding the Effects of Gait Adaptation from the Combination of Visual and Split-Belt Distortion Jason Zhang Health FURI
Characterization of the CNT Agglomerate Interphase in a Three-Phase Nanocomposite Alek Pensky Security MORE
A Benchmarking Framework for Data-Driven Compressive Sensing Márk Lakatos-Tóth Data FURI
Molecular Dynamic Simulations on Shocked Silica Glass Jonathan Christen Security FURI
The Effect of Deep-Level Reasoning Questions in Digital Learning Resources Sabrina Cervantes Villa Education FURI
Develop a 3D Printable Nanodiamond Polymer Nanocomposite Resin towards Fabrication of Low Cost Thermally Conducting Devices Kaustubh Alhad Joshi Energy MORE
Directed Evolution for Biological Sensors Maren Eltze Health FURI
Ligament Breakup in a Sheer Flow Joshua Spencer Data FURI
Phage Assisted Continuous Evolution (PACE) with PhiX174 Jennifer Brodsky Health FURI
Synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) for the Purpose of Encapsulating and Releasing Glaucoma Drugs Avery Wagner Health FURI
Practical Applications for Fluorescence Spectroscopy Benjamin Owusu Health FURI
Three-Dimensional Fracture Analysis of Viscoelastic Pavement Materials Using the Generalized Finite Element Method Ebenezer Duah Sustainability FURI
3D Printing of Stainless-Steel Replacement Piping for Corrosive and Low-Pressure Environments Venkata Krishnan Sampath Sustainability MORE
Extending the Use of a Portable Spectrometer to Measurement of Photo-Luminescence Osei Dua Health FURI
Object Detection With Sensor Fusion and Embedded Systems Yoga Mahartayasa Data FURI
Real Time Multimodal Classification for Social Media Notifications Mertay Dayanc Data FURI
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Waste Sorting Systems Michael Backlund Sustainability FURI
Experimental Study of Optical Force Measurement Techniques William Mulkern Energy FURI
Predicting Flow Function of Bulk-Solids and Powders at Different Size Ranges and Moisture Conditions Anindya Deb Sustainability MORE
Development of A Photo-Responsive Moisture-Absorbent Composite for Atmospheric Water Extraction Xingbang Zhao , Sustainability MORE
Towards Automated Identification of Cancer Immunotherapy Targets: Prediction of Binding Affinity of T Cell Receptor and Antigens Using Graph-Guided Deep Neural Network Michael Cai Health FURI
Novel Solid Fuel Fabrication using Direct Ink Writing based Additive Manufacturing Aaditya Rajendra Raje Sustainability MORE
3D Printing of Iron Oxide Based Anode with Bioinspired Structures for Lithium-Ion Batteries Dylan Joralmon Energy FURI
Enzyme-Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using Fresh Urine and Calcium-Rich Zeolites Lucas Crane Sustainability FURI
Violin Vibrato Video Imaging: A Novel Method to Generate Frequency Iterations Using Convolutional Neural Networks Ryan Widjaja Data FURI
Fast Growing Cyanobacterial Strains for Biochemical Production Kira Winsor Sustainability FURI
Electrospun Pretreatment Membranes Husain Mithaiwala Sustainability MORE
Design and Optimization of Hybrid Fuel with Complex Bioinspired Geometries for Controllable Combustion Efficiency Joshua Blair Energy FURI
Multi-modal Communication Between Human and Robots through Virtual and Augmented Reality Michael Chung Data FURI
SCARLESS Sample Return Darwin Mick Security FURI
Investigating PEG-Polyurethane as the Basis of Bone Scaffolding Technology Alicia Salas Health FURI
Investigating the Impact of Environmental Features on Multi-Agent Communication Laukik Mujumdar Data MORE
Adaptable Multi-Modality Nanoprobes for Non-Invasive Real-Time Monitoring of Engineered Cells and Tissues Albert Essuman Health FURI
Engineering of a Microbial Host for the Production of Aromatic Chemicals Dylan Ellis Sustainability FURI
Effect of Particle and Environmental Variables on Flowability of Granular Materials Jason Green Data FURI
Visual and Output-Based Improvements of a MATLAB Program for Dynamic Light Scattering Applications Douglas Pivonka Data FURI
System Support for Protecting Visual Privacy in Augmented Reality Andrei Iosifescu Security FURI
Assessment of Injury Induced Blood Brain Barrier Disruption and Necroptosis via Development of Rapid Data Analysis Pipeline Kristin Huber Data FURI