FURI | Summer 2020

Adaptable Multi-Modality Nanoprobes for Non-Invasive Real-Time Monitoring of Engineered Cells and Tissues

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A versatile method for assessing cell and tissue viability in different culture systems remains a concern in the large-scale biomanufacturing industry. In this project, the research team utilizes the advantages of nanotechnology to noninvasively monitor the activities of cells and tissues. The team have successfully tested the effectiveness of the nanoprobes in 2D and microcarrier culture systems and currently testing its efficacy in 3D Matrigel culture system. The nanoprobes will help in solving the challenges of the biomanufacturing industry including inaccurate propositions and research results by providing an effective way to assess cell and tissue viability in different culture systems.

Student researcher

Albert Essuman

Biomedical engineering

Hometown: Asamankese, Eastern Region, Ghana

Graduation date: Spring 2021