Vijay Anand Senthilkumar

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Graduation date: Spring 2019

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MORE | Fall 2019

Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot

The environmental conditions within the boiler tube can be highly aggressive, which can alter the microstructure of tubing. Electromagnetic sensors have the capability to scan through these tubes and detect these changes at early stages. In this work a Lizard Inspired Robot with sensors embedded in its fingers is being developed for boiler tube inspection. Frictional properties of gripper fingers with different surface patterns have been statistically analyzed to find the best fit. Design of the gripper and its mechanism have been characterized and optimized for carrying higher loads. This gives the robot the capability to carry more onboard sensors and maneuver in all possible orientations.


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Developing a lizard-inspired robot to examine the harsh environment of boiler tubes will help detect defects at an earlier stage.


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