FURI | Fall 2022

Cybersecurity of Onboard Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

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Throughout this independent and thesis-based research, the ramifications of software attacks on electronic hardware in an electric vehicle (EV) are thoroughly investigated in an effort to present the appropriate guidance for defending against cyberattacks. The research team analyzes a miniature model of an EV and analyzes its software to help better understand the dynamics of software attacks on electric vehicles. This research aims to simulate and predict the form of cyberattacks that could be launched on an EV. The advantage of the proposed research, if deemed successful, will be a significant knowledge increase in cyberattacks on electric vehicle chargers, and possibly how to limit them. Studying the cybersecurity of EVs will help better prepare EV owners against possible cyberattacks on their vehicles. It is recommended that modeling on a larger scale with an actual EV is simulated in the future.

Student researcher

Saif Samer Elsaady

Engineering (electrical systems)

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2025