Alyssa Nazareno

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Graduation date: Spring 2018

Portrait of Nazareno, Alyssa
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GCSP research stipend | Spring 2018

In situ SEM testing for Fatigue Crack Growth: Mechanical Investigation of Titanium

The objective of this project is to characterize crack growth that occurs in titanium alloys, specifically Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V, by applying cyclic tensile loading and measuring the crack growth and crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) of specimens at loading ratios of 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5. This project defines the relationship between rate of crack growth and the stress intensity factor, K, of the specimens. Titanium is an ideal material for condenser tubing used in nuclear power plants, and thus it is important to gain knowledge on its behavior when subjected to cyclic loading.

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