Kwanghee Jo

Robotics and autonomous systems

Hometown: Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Graduation date: Spring 2022

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MORE | Spring 2022

Effectiveness of Waist Vibrotactile Feedback for Improving Posture Balance

This research verifies the effectiveness of improving posture stability through vibrotactile biofeedback under oscillatory circumstances, which is simulated by the force platform. Subjects were asked to perform a quiet stance on the force platform wearing the biofeedback device and the same protocol was performed on the other day after lower body exercise to induce fatigue. The preliminary results demonstrate that standing balance was improved when the vibrotactile feedback is on, and the effectiveness of the biofeedback was more evident under fatigue. This biofeedback device can be used to improve posture stability for Navy or ship crews.


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Gait robots that introduce impedance (stiffness and damping) will help reduce muscle fatigue and correct gait deviation while walking.


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