FURI | Spring 2019

X-Ray Tomography Analysis of Pit Growth in a High-Performance Aluminum Alloy

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Aluminum alloys are commonly selected for engineering applications due to their high strength to weight ratio and low cost, however saline solutions shorten parts’ longevity by causing pitting corrosion. Many 2D characterization methods cannot fully analyze the growth of these pits over time; as such, this study seeks to leverage x-ray microtomography to observe pit growth in three dimensions over a 20-day corrosion period. By measuring a representative number of pits in a high performance aluminum alloy, it was possible to quantify the growth rates of pits and the native oxide layer. This information was used to determine and describe the effects of inclusions and oxide growth on pits.

Student researcher

Portrait of Sinclair-Daniel

Daniel R Sinclair

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2020