FURI | Summer 2023

Production of Flexible Perovskites to Characterize Their Electrical Properties Using Mechanical Strain

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Due to perovskite’s direct band gap, perovskites are more efficient than silicon and can be produced at lower thicknesses. The lightweight possibilities of perovskites allow for flexible devices to be made. To learn more about flexible perovskites, perovskite ink is deposited on a plastic substrate. Once perovskite films on plastic are made, the external radiative efficiency (ERE) can be measured. ERE is an optoelectronic characterization that quantifies material quality and the voltage of a solar cell and will be used to study the effect of strain on perovskites for flexible device applications.

Student researcher

Isabella R. Bozzo

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2024