Symposium archive

Event: Spring 2020

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
Improvements on the design of spinneret extruder Dean Spyres Health GCSP research stipend
Mechanism of NOx Conversion Over Photocatalytic Cement Ervin Ramirez Sustainability FURI
Microjet and Vibration Assisted (MVA) Fluidized Bed Brenda Villa Energy FURI
Sensing and Controls of an Assistive Knee Exoskeleton Robin Parmentier Health MORE
Efficient Plant-Health Analysis Through Cost-Effective Image Processing With Broad Applications Aurausp Maneshni Sustainability KEEN
Pretreatment membranes to prolong the lifetime of reverse osmosis membrane Salma Ly Sustainability FURI
Preparing a method to measure near field radiative heat transfer between two surfaces Kareem Ayoub Energy FURI
Health Optimization of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Mutant for Microbial Electro-Photosynthesis Anna Mangus Energy FURI
Aperiodic Surface-Based Structures for Additive Manufacturing Daniel Anderson Education FURI
Deep Brain Stimulation Sarah Soaf Health MORE
Project RealWheel Michael Amato Education KEEN
Arteriovenous Malformations Margaret Miller Health FURI
Liquid-Fueled Micro-Combustors for Portable Power Generation Mennatallah Hussein Energy KEEN
Underwater Robotics Hayden Brandt Education KEEN
SolarSPELL BMET Library Nandini Sharma Education Guest Researcher
SolarSPELL BMET Library Ashley Tse Education Guest Researcher
SolarSPELL BMET Library Priya Borah Education Guest Researcher
SolarSPELL BMET Library Karla Cosio Education Guest Researcher
SolarSPELL BMET Library Claudia Fragoso Education Guest Researcher
From Tattoos to Microchipping: Perceptions and Attitudes Around Body Modification Brittine Young Education Guest Researcher
Socially Attentive Autonomous Vehicles Paul Butler Data FURI
Ant-Inspired Control Strategies for Collective Transport by Dynamic Teams with Temporary Leaders Elikplim Gah Data MORE
Learning Deep Neural Interaction Policy for ExoSkeleton Control Dhaivat Dholakiya Data MORE
Kinetics of Dynamic Damage Growth in Metals from Characterization and Simulations of Shock Loading Experiments Lily Baye-Wallace Security FURI
Particle Entrainment in Convection Scenarios Hezekiah Grayer Sustainability FURI
Multiple-channel Signal Detection in the Presence of Phase Distortion Yiting Shi Security FURI
Investigation into regeneration methods of desiccants for vacuum desiccant cooling David Tome Energy MORE
Efficient Methodology for Assessing and Improving Secure Shredding Bin Service Sizing Amy Holladay Sustainability FURI
Making Portable and Less Expensive LED Based Spectrometer for Monitoring the Quality of Fruits and Water Content Joseph Tamakloe Sustainability FURI
Target Detection Using Algorithmic Matter Rebecca Martin Data FURI
Vector Tiles in Geospatial Mapping Ritvik Ramdas Data FURI
Utilizing PVAD Algorithm for Detecting Network Anomalies Tejas Singh Data FURI
Activity-Dependent Neuroplasticity Model in Response to Applied Electrical Stimulation Myung Chung Health FURI
Using Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels to Increase Cortical Plasticity Following TBI Bhavya Sharma Health FURI
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Composites Shane Skinner Energy FURI
Investigation of the Practicality of Evaporation Prevention for the Central Arizona Project Keiko Ochoa Sustainability FURI
Three-dimensionally (3D) Printed Bio-inspired Hydrophobic Surfaces for Improving Spray Cooling Technique Nurulhaq Hasan Energy MORE
3D printed Oscillating Flow Mixers to Enhance Heat Transfer in Liquid Cooling Channels Kadiatou Keita Energy MORE
Optimizing and Scaling an Automated Sampling System to Improve Quantification of CO2 Utilization in Cultures of Engineered Cyanobacteria Sean Innes Sustainability FURI
Input-elicitation Methods for Crowdsourced Human Computation Ryan Kemmer Data FURI
Surface Roughness in Metal Additive Manufacturing: Towards Accurate Measurement of Relevant Metrics Daniel Bruce Sustainability FURI
Complementary Wireless Vision Test Bed Andrew Hredzak Data FURI
Engineering, Border Walls and Wildlife Kaci McMillin Sustainability FURI
The Future of Non-lethal Solutions Madison Macias Security FURI
Development of A Polymer Composite With Conductive Abilities For Sensor Application Christopher Amarquaye Energy MORE
Robot Artist Vineet Butala Data FURI
The Filtration Properties of Electrospun MOF Fibers Elmer Correa Sustainability FURI
Active Self-Boring Robots that Enable Next Generation Dynamic Underground Wireless Sensing Networks Ben Bethke Sustainability FURI
Raman Spectrometry Conclusions as an Example of Intuitive Software Natalie Mason Data FURI
Develop Polymer Composite from Silica Aerogel for Heat Insulation Matilda Koa Energy KEEN
Biochar’s Ability to Remove Escherichia Coli Tannis Breure Health FURI
Propulsion Data Acquisition Nitish Chennoju Data FURI
Cross Contamination Prevention on Mars Rovers Natalya Gage Security FURI
Analysis of PMMA Plastic Zone Size Cole Truitt Security FURI
Tuning the Hydrophilicity and Porosity of Electrospun Membranes for Pretreatment in Water Filtration Husain Mithaiwala Sustainability MORE
Silicon Netting for Surgical Organ Isolation Tori Johnson Health FURI
Through-Thickness Interphase Characterization of PMC Heidi Pankretz Sustainability MORE
Learning Unknown Physics Behind Cellular Dynamics Using Time-Variant Neural Network Tanner Merry Data FURI
Investigation of Novel Composite Reinforced with Mechanophore-Enhanced Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Chase Lee , Security FURI
Quantifying Students’ Understanding of the Engineering Design Process Connor Sonnier , Education FURI
Is Artificial Intelligence a Burden in a Changing Environment Edward Goldenberg Data FURI
Improving Data Rate for 5G Systems using USRP Kits Youssef Serag Data FURI
MedTech Surgical Device Innovation for Trapped Lung Avery Cartwright Health FURI
Analysis of Fracture Speed Under Changing Temperatures Joseph de la Vara Security FURI
Silver Analysis on Stainless Steel 316 used for water systems in spacecrafts Marcela Strane Sustainability FURI
Creating a Multi-Modal Near Infrared Photoacoustic Fluorescence Microscopy System for In Vivo Imaging Matthew Chrest Health MORE
Researching UV Treated Plastics Used as an Additive in Cement to Mitigate Plastic Waste and Improve Mechanical Performance Marissa Jimenez Sustainability FURI
Design and Characterization of Variable Stiffness Soft Actuators for Lateral Ankle Support Tiffany Hertzell Health FURI
Is the Demand for Tesla Worth It? Investigating the Life Cycle Assessment and Long-Term Effects of Upstream Emissions from Battery Electric Vehicles Abigail Pezelj Sustainability FURI
Gait Sensing using Fabric based Soft Inflatable Actuators and Force Haptic Feedback Souvik Poddar Health MORE
Fracture Propagation in Glassy Polymers Due to Temperature Differentials Anirudh Ranganathan Sustainability FURI
Facilitated Transport of Contaminants by Microplastics in Soil Media William Ederer Sustainability FURI
A Probabilistic and Confidence-Driven Approach to Theory of Mind Models in Autonomous Agents Zachary Hoffmann Data FURI
Investigating Factors to Provide Sustained Release of Ketorolac in Temperature-Responsive Hydrogels Nathan Hui Health FURI
Bicycle Rider Pose Estimation from Physical Human-Robot Interaction Forces Jonathan Bush Data MORE
Effect of Growth-Feedback on Adaptive Synthetic Gene Circuits Diego Barra Avila Health FURI
Combined Interfacial and Solvothermal Synthesis to Study the MOF Growth Process Dillon Jayanthan Data FURI
Magnetic Needle Steering for Minimally Invasive Surgery Alex Petras Health MORE
Machine Learning and Dimensionality Reduction to Accelerate DFT Simulations of Material Properties and Enable Computational Material Design John Daly Data FURI
Analyzing the Effect of Contact Resistance on the Temperature Field Evolution During Resistance Spot Welding Molly Rhodes Energy MORE
Engineering Safe Carbon Nanomaterials: Role of Morphology and Surface Chemistry in the Interactions of Carbon Nanomaterials with Microorganisms Yaritza Cahue Sustainability FURI
Utilizing Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDACi) to Alleviate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Pathology Glenna Embrador Health MORE
Investigation of Contact Angle Effect for Analyzing Interphase Properties in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Jack Mester Security FURI
Development of the SmartPad System for Energy Expenditure Detection Shaun Victor Health FURI
Anisotropic Friction in Soft Burrowing Robots Alexandria Ardente Sustainability FURI
The Application of PVDF in Noise Attenuating Window Films Lily McCalmont Sustainability FURI
Finding and Predicting Defects in CIGS Cells Using Varied Temperature and Spectroscopy Robert Lattus Energy FURI
Drone Swarms in Search and Rescue Operations Gautam Sharma Data MORE
An Investigation of the Different Approaches of Autonomous Traversal Guangchi Lee Data FURI
Blame All vs. Blame Me in AVs Cody McMahon Data FURI
Verification of Ratiometric pH Sensing PHPMA-Derived Polymer in Human Neuronal Tissue Models. Salma Leyasi Health FURI
Thermodynamic Cycle and Efficiency Analysis of the Thermal Hydraulic Engine David Manford , Energy MORE
Atmospheric Water Capture Using Photothermal Nano-Enabled Desiccants Kaley Yazzie Sustainability FURI
Open-Source Radiation Hardening Test Structure Shanika Davis Security FURI
Optimization of Cyanobacteria Cultures Kira Winsor Sustainability FURI
Towards a Software Package that Improves Planning of Great Artery Heart Defect Surgeries Angelea Wirstrom Health FURI
Exploring the Connection Between Particulate Composition and Mean Granule Size Nicole Martin Energy FURI
How Control Surface Sizing Affects an Aircraft Stability and Preformance Kevin O'Brien Education FURI
VEX U PYRO Robotics Ryan Bodhipaksha Education KEEN
Efficient Naringenin Flavonoid Biosynthesis via Metabolically Engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum Dylan Ellis Sustainability FURI
Hydrolysis of Biomass Derived Cellulose and Hemicellulose with Engineered Bacillus Subtilis Strains Bethany Kalscheur Energy FURI
Controlling Silver Release from Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Biofouling Control Kiarash Ranjbari Sustainability MORE
Automated Design of Graded Material Transitions for Educational Robotics Applications Cole Brauer Education MORE
Engineering of High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Omar Abed Sustainability GCSP research stipend
High Speed 3D Printing of Portable Microscope Lens via Micro-Continuous Liquid Interface Printing Sonia Hernandez Health FURI
Experimentally Validated DEM Simulations for Conduction Based Heat Transfer in Rotary Drums Filled with Monodispersed Particles at Slow Rotational Speed Bhaumik Bheda Energy MORE
Analyzing Sensor Quantization of RAW Images for Visual SLAM Olivia Christie Data FURI
Allocation of Funds in Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Operations Shaurya Jaisinghani Security FURI
Design Optimization of the Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AAFO) Stanton Burnton Health FURI
Bioengineered Space-Like Protein Crystals on Earth: Implications to Regenerative Medicine Amanda Tran Health FURI
Oral Drug Delivery Vehicle for Prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis Brian Aguilar Health FURI
Design of High-Frequency Large Intelligent Surfaces using Reflectarray Antennas Sanjay Kumar Vijaya Kumar Energy MORE
Experimental Study of Optical Force Modulation using Tunable Materials William Mulkern Energy FURI
Measurement of High-Temperature Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion Nikolas Deffigos Energy FURI
The Effects on Lower Motor Neuron Degeneration and Neurodegeneration Within the Cervical Region of the Spinal Cord Twenty-Eight Days Post Traumatic Brain Injury Jennifer Wong Health FURI
Quantification of Tissue Oxygenation to Improve Encapsulated Cell Viability In Vivo Michael Finocchiaro Health FURI
Photosynthetic Fixation of Fermentation Off Gases Raj Kumar Hariharan Energy MORE
American Society of Civil Engineering Camila Ibarra Education KEEN
Instrument Design for Aircraft Performance Measurement Maxwell Stauffer Energy FURI
Epileptic Seizure Detection and Prediction Alexandra Dent Health FURI
Cas9 Mediated Adenosine Transient Reporter for Editing Enrichment Toan Nguyen Health MORE
An Expandable Retractor Tool for Increasing Available Working Space During Neurosurgery Ryan Szalanski Health FURI
Basilisk Lizard Interactions with Fluid Environments Marcus Gambatese Security FURI
Needle Tracking System Dakota Edwards Health MORE
Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum with Focus on Radiation Heat Transfer Bradley Fox Energy FURI
New Process with Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell Zhikai Liu , Energy MORE
Flexible MOF based Ammonia Sensor Dylan Beck Sustainability FURI
Development of Active Movement-Damping Mechanism for Implementation in Knee Brace Wesley Groves Health FURI
Synthesis and Characterization of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-4 (ZIF-4) Film Cameron Schwabe Sustainability FURI
Reflectarray Antenna for Future Wireless Communication Anand Pratap Singh Sengar Energy FURI
Ankle Flexion Data as a Differentiative Measure in Orthotic Device Prescription for Stroke Survivors Anshul Krishnan Data FURI
Modeling of Environment Dependent Modulation of Ankle Impedance During Walking Clayton Bliss Health FURI
A Self-Fluctuating Prosthetic AirActuator Liner With A Soft Memory Foam Design for Lower Limb Amputees to Improve Comfort, Stability, and Fluctuation in Prosthetic Sockets Zachery Shropshire , Health FURI
Variable Impedance as Control Scheme for Enhanced Performance and Stability of Active Ankle Foot Orthosis Omik Save Health MORE
Development of a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Control System For Hand Muscle Therapy Devika Dileep Health FURI
Neural ODE Modeling for Many-Body Interactions Sreeharsha Lakamsani Data FURI
Mechanoresponse Activity in Polymer Nanocomposites Alexandra Schwindt Security FURI
Using a Wireless Electronic Platform as Part of a Smart Knee Brace to Aid Rehabilitation and Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reinjury in Athletes Anna Rothweil Health FURI
Temporal Specificity of the Binding Potential of CDR3 Peptides to Traumatic Brain Injury Nathanael Borgogni Health GCSP research stipend
Analysis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Forces to Prevent ACL Tears Fernando Rangel Health FURI
Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Power Systems for Resilience Austin Cameron Energy FURI
Using Structural Density Gradients to Optimize the Strength-to-Weight Ratios of 3D Printed Parts Bryan Cocanour Sustainability FURI
Effect of Particle and Environmental Variables on Flowability of Granular Materials Jason Green Data FURI
Engineering an Encapsulated 3D Tumor Dormancy Model In Vivo Using NRAS-Mutant Melanoma Cells Tanya Nanda Health KEEN, MORE
Fabricate Holey Structure to Improve Capacitive Performance of Graphene Yan Dou Energy MORE
X-Ray Tomography Analysis Correlating Pit Growth and Rolling Conditions in a High-Performance Aluminum Alloy Daniel Sinclair Security FURI
Connecting the Dots: Towards Automated Dataset and Visualization Recommendation from News Articles Shashank Ginjpalli Data FURI
Computational and Experimental Studies of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids in Organic Solutions for MET Sensor Devices Vincent Davis Data FURI
Quantifying Muscular Response During Physical Human-Robot Interaction With a Variable Damping Controller Connor Phillips Health KEEN
Thermo-Responsive pNIPAAm-Based Polymers for Endovascular Brain Aneurysm Repair Michelle Loui Health FURI
Efficient Policy Iteration Architecture for Learning Rollout Policy in POMDP Sahil Badyal Data MORE
DNA Repair Capacity of NRAS-Mutant Melanoma 3D Spheroids Under Oxidative Stress and DNA Repair Inhibition Earl Brown , Health KEEN, MORE
Extraction of Silver via Electrowinning for Solar Panel Recycling Cooper Tezak Energy FURI
Utilizing Density Functional Theory to Compute the Efficacy of a Practical Material for Industrial Direct Air Capture via a Copper Metal Organic Framework Eugene Agravante Sustainability FURI
Monodispersity of PLGA Microparticles Jinpyo Seo Health FURI
Activation Energy Extraction of Electrodeposit Growth in Nanoionic Materials and Devices Amberly Ricks , Security MORE
Optimizing Placement of Generation Assets in Microgrids Mukhtar Hamzat Energy FURI
How Does the Dynamic Strength of a Material Affect the Velocity of Particles at a Perturbed Shock Front and Can This Be Used to Estimate Dynamic Strength in Solids? Sebastian Garcia Peralta Security FURI
Biosynthesis of Ethyl Lactate with Escherichia coli as a microbial host Mark Nguyen Sustainability FURI
Understanding the Effects of Gait Adaptation from the Combination of Visual and Split-Belt Distortion Jason Zhang Health FURI
Modification of Synthetic Hydrogel Chemistry to Generate Complex Macroencapsulation Device Geometries Sarah Brady Health FURI
Loperamide Encapsulated Nanoparticles for Evaluating Blood Brain Barrier Permeability Post-Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Jordan Todd Health MORE
Functionality of Octopus Arm Muscles Teleah Hancer Health FURI
RASCAL Lunar Mobility Darwin Mick Education FURI
2D Variable Damping Control of the Robotic Ankle Joint to Improve Trade-off between Agility and Stability and Reduce Effort James Arnold Health MORE
Discovering Factors That Drive the Migration of Immune Cells Into Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Tumors Gabrielle Wipper Health FURI
Flow Visualization and Heat Transfer in Micro-Polymer Tubes Mariana Bray Energy FURI
Experimental Demonstration of Tunable Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer Exceeding Blackbody Limit with VO2 Thin Films Nicole Sluder Energy FURI
Numerical Characterization of Pseudoshock Oscillatory Behavior Tyler Souders Security FURI
Electrolyzer Application of a Load-Managing PV System Christian Polo Energy FURI
Steady-State Measurements of Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer between Ultra-Flat Thin-Film Materials Christian Messner Energy FURI
Development of Surgical Device to Aid in the Decortication Procedure for a Trapped Lung Shae Diaz Health FURI
Reproducibility and Completeness of Complex Hydrogel Geometry Fabrication in 3D Printed Injection Molds Alec McCall Health FURI
Targeting B-cell lymphoma through the use of CAR macrophages Jamie Handlos Health MORE
Aerodynamically Optimal Nose Cone Geometry for Supersonic Flight at Varying Altitudes Mohammad Salah Energy FURI
Experimental Analysis on the Effect of Human Learning on Physical Human-robot Interaction Pallavi Shrinivas Shintre Data MORE
Radiation Hardening Test Platform Liam Nguyen Security FURI
Evaluating the Efficiency of a Cold Trap Condenser Kristina Luong Energy FURI
Characterization of Glass Beads: Flowability and Angle of Repose Part II Emily Nugent Sustainability MORE
Investigating the Role of Astrocytes on GSC Invasion In A 3D Microfluidic Vascular Tumor Model Emmanuella Adjei-Sowah Health MORE
Optimization of Future Urban Mobility Systems Chase Overcash Sustainability FURI