Presentation type

Project Title Participant Mentor Theme Year
Concrete Canoe Fabrication and Competition Edward Apraku Education Fall 2020
Efficient Plant-Health Analysis Through Cost-Effective Image Processing With Broad Applications Aurausp Maneshni Sustainability Spring 2020
AIChE Chemical Engineering Car – 2020 Western Regional Conference Jaime Garcia Energy
Project RealWheel Michael Amato Education Spring 2020
Liquid-Fueled Micro-Combustors for Portable Power Generation Mennatallah Hussein Energy Spring 2020
Underwater Robotics Hayden Brandt Education Spring 2020
Develop Polymer Composite from Silica Aerogel for Heat Insulation Matilda Koa Energy Spring 2020
VEX U PYRO Robotics Ryan Bodhipaksha Education Spring 2020
ASCE Concrete Canoe Construction and Competition Brielle Januszewski Sustainability
American Society of Civil Engineering Camila Ibarra Education Spring 2020
Engineering an Encapsulated 3D Tumor Dormancy Model In Vivo Using NRAS-Mutant Melanoma Cells Tanya Nanda Health Spring 2020
Quantifying Muscular Response During Physical Human-Robot Interaction With a Variable Damping Controller Connor Phillips Health Spring 2020
DNA Repair Capacity of NRAS-Mutant Melanoma 3D Spheroids Under Oxidative Stress and DNA Repair Inhibition Earl Brown , Health Spring 2020
Streamlining Rocketry: How to Cut Costs Without Compromising Performance Miguel Lugo Education Fall 2019
SAE Baja Sun Devil Racing Jun Sasaki Education Fall 2019
Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D — Hovercraft Vehicle Disaster Relief System Taylor Inase Education Fall 2019
ASCE Concrete Canoe Development and Testing Brielle Januszewski Sustainability Fall 2019
SWE National Conference Kathryn Chamberlin Education Fall 2019
Desert WAVE Isabella Bushroe Education Fall 2019
Streamlining Rocketry: How to Cut Costs Without Compromising Performance Chase Lee , Energy Fall 2019
Treatment of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Clots Through Histotripsy Maame Abena AfrifaQueen NyemekyeAderonke Adewuyi Health Spring 2019
NASA Space Grant Robotics Pratik Panda Education Spring 2019
PYRO Robotics – Rossum Rumblers Robotics Club Mason Smith Education Spring 2019
ConCreate: Designing an Additively Manufacturable Concrete Mix with Recycled Glass Benjamin Shindel Sustainability Spring 2019
Treatment of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Clots Through Histotripsy Blake Browning Health Spring 2019
The Adaptive Omphalocele Protective Device Matthew Chrest Health Spring 2019
NASA Space Grant Robotics Alex Bertram Education Spring 2019
Control of Bipedal Laminate Robot Taha Shafa Education Spring 2019
Cranial Crown: A Pediatric Headset for Transcranial Doppler Jade Nelson Health Spring 2019
Research for development of A Self-Fluctuating Actuator Air Prosthetic Liner with Memory Foam Design for Lower Limb Amputees to Improve Comfort, Stability, and Fluctuation in Prosthetic Sockets: Zachery Shropshire Health Spring 2019
Motorcycle Helmet Blind Spot Monitoring Trevor Lucero Security Spring 2019
Collapsible, Large Scale 3D Printer Derek Goss Health Spring 2019
Pivot Irrigation Misalignment (PIMA) System Project Juan Cabrera Sustainability Spring 2019
Battery Decay Rate and Life Cycle in Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries Christopher Vaughn Energy Spring 2019
3D Printing Plastic Recycling Machine Luis Castillo Arcay Sustainability Spring 2018
National Association of Engineering Student Councils Engineering Leadership Summit LemLem Brook Education Spring 2018
Korwave: Wearable, Seizure Detection Headband Patrick McFarland Health Spring 2018
NASA Space Grant Robotics Alex Bertram Education Spring 2018
Society of Automotive Engineering Baja Competition Jun Sasaki Education Spring 2018
Developing an Educational Robotic Platform Jacob Knaup Education Spring 2018
Cost-Effective Surveying Using Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles YiZhuand "JJ" Garrard Sustainability Spring 2018
Handheld IR Spectrometer Ryan Fagan Education Spring 2018
Swachh-X: Sustainable Recycling Sorter Dhruv Rajani Sustainability Spring 2018
AZLoop – Arizona SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team Ishan Pannala Sustainability Spring 2018
2018 Spaceport America Cup Brent Wallace Education Spring 2018
Lightweight Electric Motorcycle Battery James Tobin Sustainability Spring 2018