Varunkumar Thippanna

Systems engineering

Hometown: Kalaburagi, Karnataka, India

Graduation date: Spring 2026

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MORE | Summer 2022

Micropatterning of Nanoparticles via Multi-Phase Direct Ink Writing (MDIW)

3D printing is an advanced manufacturing strategy for nanocomposite manufacturing due to rapid prototyping, limited material wastage, high processing speed, and customization. This study demonstrated the design and development of a new additive manufacturing mechanism, Multiphase Direct Ink Writing (MDIW). By matching the viscosity between polymer solutions/nanoparticle suspensions (Boron nitride Epoxy and Polyethylenimine PEI), an individual line composed of a desirable number of sublayers (i.e. 32, 64, 128) was printed. Preforming Etching rate and removal of the sacrificial polymeric layer (PEI) from the composite film for different layers. XRD and Raman will be used to investigate the BN’s alignment.


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