Nicole Marie Sluder

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2021

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FURI | Spring 2020

Experimental Demonstration of Tunable Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer Exceeding Blackbody Limit with VO2 Thin Films

While near-field radiation exceeding the blackbody limit is a growing topic among researchers today, there is still little research done on how to fully take advantage of this energy. By measuring the near-field radiation between vanadium dioxide, the potential applications of the usage of near-field radiation in thermal circuits was shown. In this work, researchers used heat transfer methods to determine the increased heat flux as a result of near-field radiation. The results of this study show the feasibility of creating more efficient thermal devices by using near-field radiation as the primary means of energy transfer.  



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Exploring near-field radiation on VO2 thin films will help create an energy-efficient thermal device.


  • FURI
  • Fall 2019