MORE | Fall 2023

Simulation and Fabrication of Trench Schottky Diodes on Ga2O3 for Applications in High Voltage DC Power Conversion

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The ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductor β-Ga2O3 has widely been celebrated during past decade, especially because of its wider bandgap of 4.9eV, high theoretical breakdown field of 8MV/cm and superior Baling’s Figure of Merit (BFOM) of 3444. Moreover, BFOM of β-Ga2O3 not only surpasses that of other wider bandgap (WBG) semiconductors like GaN and SiC by a large margin, but it also provides lower on-resistance (Ron) at a given frequency compared to that of other semiconductors. This means more power-efficient devices can be fabricated on β-Ga2O3 with relatively low Ron. Fabrication of high aspect ratio trench Schottky diodes using Ga etching technique for applications in DC-DC power conversion. Ga2O3 enables the future sustainability needs.

Student researcher

Abishek Katta

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Ongole, South India, India

Graduation date: Fall 2023