MORE | Fall 2019

Robot Navigation using Wireless Signals in an Indoor/Outdoor Environment

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This research is performed to enable aerial robots to navigate through indoor environments using wireless signals. This provides an important supplementary capability to vision and LiDAR-based approaches since wireless signals can be used irrespective of lighting conditions and possible occlusions. For movement of robots and analyzing the environment, Synthetic Aperture Radar is used for source or direction-finding. The techniques and research are applied to existing programmable drones like Parrot Bebop for single- or multi-robot systems to assist in applications like disaster recovery, localization and assistance to people with disabilities as drones can avoid and detect ground obstacles.

Student researcher

Kshitij Kashettiwar

Kshitij Milind Kashettiwar

Computer science

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2020