FURI | Spring 2023

Optimization and Durability Study of Alkali-Activated Concrete Composed of Blast Furnace Slag, Mine Tailings, and Carpet Fiber

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The study aims to optimize and improve the durability of alkali-activated concrete made from waste materials, including blast furnace slag, mine tailings, and carpet fibers. The study explores the use of alkali-activated binders with low CO2 emissions and the addition of different waste materials to improve the properties of concrete. The study identified that PCC fibers can be reused in concrete mixes to provide added tensile reinforcement. The study provides a sustainable solution for waste management and carbon reduction in the construction industry. Future works should focus on optimizing the mix proportions for maximum compressive strength and minimizing the negative impact on PCC fibers in alkaline environments.

Student researcher

Tsegazeab Tedla

Civil engineering

Hometown: Bole, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Graduation date: Spring 2024