FURI | Spring 2023

Enhancing Multi-Axis Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Plasma Arcs

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Studying plasma formation allows us to advance knowledge that is essential for the development of pulsed plasma thruster (PPT) technology. This electric propulsion technology can be integrated into CubeSats, providing a cost-effective, self-sufficient, low-power, sustainable long-term solution for deep space exploration missions. PPTs allow CubeSats to have propulsion and multi-axis maneuvering abilities, helping them perform distinct mission tasks. This research will help in designing and improving PPTs that are easy to control, consume less power for a higher thrust impulse, and do not degrade in performance over time.

Student researcher

Naman Tibrewal

Aerospace engineering

Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Graduation date: Spring 2025