FURI | Spring 2018

Effects of Manufacturing Methods on Piezoresistive Properties in Advanced Carbon Nanotube Based Sensors

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The main objective of this research is to characterize the two fabrication techniques for manufacturing carbon nanotube-based sensors and optimize them for piezo-resistive response. The traditional method of fabrication, vacuum filtration (VF), will be investigated, along with a novel method called surfactant-free (SF). Samples from both methods are prepared by modulating pre-fabrication conditions and their homogeneity is tested using Raman spectroscopy. Their piezo-resistive response will be tested under tensile and tensile cyclic loading and their change in resistance will be recorded using a digital multi-meter.

Student researcher

Portrait of Paruthy, Suparva

Suparva Paruthy

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Graduation date: Spring 2018