MORE | Fall 2019

Design, Characterization and Manufacturing of Solid-core/Porous-shell Fiber Structures

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The goal of this research is the development of a composite fibre impregnated with titania for high throughput and cheap water disinfection. These composite fibers are composed of a solid PMMA core for UV transmission and the porous shell composed of titania nanoparticles and PMMA. The core and shell are fabricated using melt spinning followed by dip coating and coagulation procedures. This project will focus on processing conditions that can tailor core and shell sizes, porosity, and nanoparticle loading capabilities. The mechanical, thermal, morphological, and water treatment efficiency will be examined using a few characterization methods.

Student researcher

Namrata Kanth

Namrata Kanth

Materials science and engineering

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Fall 2019