FURI | Spring 2023

Can Two-Parameter or Three-Parameter Weibull Model Represent Mechanical Properties and Topology of Interphase in Soft Polymer Nanocomposites?

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There is a lack of statistical analysis on advanced nanocomposite systems’ anisotropic heterogeneous nanoscale properties. This study will focus on the statistical analysis using the nanoscale properties collected with atomic force microscopy (AFM) based peak force quantitative nanomechanical mapping technique (PFQNM). Atomic Force Microscopy testing is an ultra-precise method of PFQNM at the nano/micro level which is ideal for gathering large amounts of data from the interphase. The author proposes research to determine whether two- or three-parameter established Weibull model would better serve to represent the elastic viscoelastic material properties and topology of the interphase for soft polymer nanocomposites.

Student researcher

Noah Ruggiero DeCaro

Mechanical engineering

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona, United States

Graduation date: Spring 2024