MORE | Fall 2020

Activation Energy Extraction of Electrodeposit Growth in Nanoionic Materials and Devices

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This research project is focused on chalcogenide-based materials which function as an electrolytic layer in nanoionic devices. In depositing this electrolytic layer between metal electrodes, the movement of metal cations can be controlled electrically resulting in the growth of a metallic electrodeposit. The purpose of this research is to continue extracting the activation energy of the electrodeposit growth in these nanoionic devices. Specifically, this project will begin investigating how the activation energy is affected when the electrolytic layer is changed from Ge30Se70 to Ge30S70 in addition to the ongoing comparisons between varying the silver amount and changing the electrode shape.

Student researcher

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Amberly Ricks

Electrical engineering

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Graduation date: Spring 2021